Published a book on the 2019 revision of the Japanese Design Act

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Winner of the 1st
IP Specialist Encouragement Award

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IPX is an ip law firm strong in the realm of ICT and software (AI, IoT, UI, image processing, etc.) jointly established by two patent attorneys. One founding partner CEO is a business-oriented person cultivated in a prestigious US/JP joint company, the other COO/CTO having high technical knowledge as a former researcher in the image processing/robotics field. We will provide your business with the best service to ensure both speed and quality.

HR Diversity

Correspond to Various Technology

 A diverse group of members with different ages and backgrounds gathers as follows: CEO from IP division of US/JP joint company, COO/CTO with robot/image processing and AI expertise, ex-researcher from a laboratory in a large corporation, a law firm veteran with 20-year experience, pharmacist, smart factory expert, pioneer of anti-counterfeiting in China etc.


Use of ICT

Solid Management System

 By combining various ICT tools and original programs, work efficiency and human error reduction have been achieved. In addition to administrative work, ICT is also used to assist in the creation of documents conducted by engineers. As a result, it has been possible to deliver about twice as fast as the industrial average while maintaining quality.

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Meeting by Apps in English

 Communication in English is essential to carry out international businesses. IPX members can conduct web conferences in English using communication Apps such as Teams and Zoom as well as conventional methods. For example, if you have a complex question about the patent or trademark procedure in Japan, we hope to see you at the web conference.

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CEO's blog (JP only)

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COO/CTO's blog (JP only)

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Software patent (UI)

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In Japanese ordinary practice, UI is generally protected by design, but we propose to protect it as patent. This makes it possible to protect functions wider than appearance compared to design rights and copyright. Furthermore, we are familiar with state of the art technology because primarily our domestic clients are IT venture / startup companies. With these combinations it will be possible to protect your products from multiple perspectives.

How to patent a business model

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Business model patent is a patent relating to a business model. However, the business model itself, in the original meaning of profit system, cannot be protected. The patent is a system that protects the creation of technological ideas, invention.  Therefore, it is the condition that the business model should include any technical component of (particularly most of them are using software).

Design large pictorial book

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In Japan, there is a design patent system to protect the aesthetic appearance of goods. For example, according to the screen design system, which is one of six special designs, the smart phone application UI (user interface) can be protected by the design patent.

Startup in Japan

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For startups, we believe that funding is an important weight. We will be close to issues unique to startups and help protect ideas needed for funding as intellectual property (patents etc). IPX has a wealth of experience in creating business models and intellectual property strategies in new businesses. Therefore, we propose the best solution considering how to effectively protect your important ideas legally and effectively.  In addition, we will introduce business partners (accounting, labor, etc.) with which we have a partnership as necessary in Japan.